Émile Naoumoff , Trois élégies1988

Emile wrote this hauntingly beautiful & expressive piece. It’s full of gorgeous soaring melodies for the bassoon.

About Émile Naoumoff

Émile Naoumoff (Bulgarian: Емил Наумов; born 20 February 1962 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian pianist and composer. He revealed himself a musical prodigy at age five, taking up the study of piano and adding composition to his studies a year later. At the age of eight, after a fateful meeting in Paris, he became the last disciple of Nadia Boulanger,[1] who referred to him as “the gift of my old age”. He studied with her until her death in late 1979. Boulanger gave him the opportunity to work with Clifford Curzon, Igor Markevitch, Robert and Gaby Casadesus, Nikita Magaloff, Jean Françaix, Leonard Bernstein, Soulima Stravinsky, Aram Khachaturian and Yehudi Menuhin.[1][2] Lord Menuhin conducted the premiere of Naoumoff’s first Piano Concerto, with the composer as a soloist when he was ten years old. He pursued studies at the Paris Conservatory with Lélia Gousseau,[3] Pierre Sancan,[4] Geneviève Joy-Dutilleux, as well as at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with Pierre Dervaux (conducting). Wikipedia

Iván Erőd, Sonate Milanese, op 47-1984

This is an enchanting work, particularly the 2nd movement. It’s a challenging piece technically to play and one of our gems in our repertoire.

Iván Erőd, Sonate Milanese, op 47-1984

1.Allegro Molto, 2.Andante Tranquillo, 3.Lento Molto Giusto-Presto Performed in Auerhall, 2016/10/8 Angela Park Piano, Kathleen McLean Bassoon.

About Iván Erőd

Iván Erőd was a Hungarian-Austrian composer and pianist. Educated in Budapest, he emigrated to Austria in 1956, where he studied at the Vienna Music Academy. He was successful as a pianist and composer of operas, chamber music and much more, with elements from serialism, Hungarian folk music and jazz. Wikipedia

Random Acts of Kindness

Don Freund created a version of this piece for bassoon & piano. This was originally written for Eugene Rousseau as a retirement gift. It’s a lovely piece and he thought it would sound great with bassoon and piano.

Angela Park Piano and Kathleen McLean Bassoon
Auerhall 2016/10/08

Don Freund is an American composer, pianist, and Professor of Composition at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His over 100 performed works, include solo, chamber, and orchestral music, live performance with electronic instruments, large theatre works.

Forging A Path to the Future with Bassoon and Electro Music

For the last three months, I’ve been working on an experimental collaboration and a series of recording projects with composer Chiel Meijering in the electronic dance music (EDM) / electro-pop genre.

For the last three months, I’ve been working on an experimental collaboration and a series of recording projects with composer Chiel Meijering in the electronic dance music (EDM) / electro-pop genre.

His original tracks are enhanced by the bassoon and it removes the stereotype of a bassoon (which has been more of an orchestral instrument) and takes it into a world of pop / electronic music.

In some of the tracks Meijering mixes excerpts from Gabrielli, Bach, and other old composers. He adds layers of electronic soundscapes and driving rhythms and melds the old and the new together into a fascinating musical graffiti.

This concept of having the ability to take the electro tracks and go out into the world and play along with them is an incredible opportunity for future musicians because this allows them to take a “cyber ensemble” into any venue at any time. This is a great avenue for some young musicians to start up their musical careers in an entrepreneurial way. It’s possible that in the future you will be able to play with cyber orchestras!

SHIMMY SHIMMY, Meijering McLean – January 2020

SHIMMY SHIMMY – Meijering McLean

The 2nd of two electronic tracks featuring bassoonist Kathleen Mclean. It’s a collection of interesting tracks that are a mixture of folk, rock, classical contemporary jazz. It’s an eclectic mix of electro pop.

Rehearsing with Joseph Petric, concert accordionist for upcoming premiere performance

While in Toronto last week, Joseph and I rehearsed together for the first time for an upcoming  premiere concert in Auer Hall on March 31 for a piece written by Chiel Meijering scored for bassoon, clarinet, accordion and string orchestra titled “Tribulations of Modern Love” James Campbell, clarinet IU faculty member will join us as well as strings from the Jacobs School of Music with David Jang, conducting. Composer, Chiel Meijering will attend the premiere.

Bassoon Day 2018: Faculty/Guest/Student Recital
Bassoon Day 2018: Faculty/Guest/Student Recital
James Campbell, clarinet; William Ludwig, bassoon; Kathleen McLean, bassoon; Chiel Meijering, composer; Joseph Petric, accordion; Bram van Sambeek, bassoon


A Short Fragment of the First Performance of “red Priest Reversed Mastery” Inspired by Vivaldi

This clip is one of a few concertos that will be recorded on the Naxos label and hopefully released by the end of 2017.

Video URL: https://www.facebook.com/chiel.meijering/videos/vb.1625231193/10210803977488585/?type=3