Audio Samples

Solo Repertoire

Komorous: Demure Charm for Solo Bassoon, Obligato Flute and Strings
from Nightsongs with the Saraste Chamber Players.
Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor. Nora Schulman, flute.

(Live Recording at the Glenn Gould studio CBC Building in Toronto, Ontario)

Baer: Introspection for Bassoon and Harp, The Child Within
from Nightsongs with Erica Goodman, harp.
Shades of Blue, At Peace, Allegro giocoso

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

LIVE Performance: Francaix – Deux Pieces I. Andante

LIVE Performance: Francaix – Deux pieces II. Petit divertissement militaire

Chamber Ensemble

Another Magic Flute (part 2) for Bassoon & Strings
Chiel Meijering
Pentatonic Insomnia (part 1)
Chiel Meijering
The Pied Piper IV
Chiel Meijering
Chiel Meijering

The Caliban Quartet of Bassoons: Bassoonatics!
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

George Gershwin, Three Preludes – I. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso

Piazzolla, Tango

The Toronto Wind Quintet – It’s About Time
Kathleen McLean, bassoon
Douglas Stewart, flute
Clare Scholtz, oboe
Stephen Pierre, clarinet
Harcus Hennigar, horn.

Elliott Carter – Woodwind Quintet – Allegretto.

Elliott Carter – Woodwind Quintet – Allegro giocoso

Movie Soundtrack

Featured bassoon solo in the full feature film, “Casino Jack” featuring Kevin Spacey.