Kathleen McLean – Bassoonist and Pedagogue

Welcome to the website of bassoonist and pedagogue Kathleen McLean, Associate Professor of Bassoon at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Learn more about announcements of upcoming performances, archives of previous endeavors, full audio-visual gallery, and collections of downloadable pedagogical materials. You will also find links to her affiliated professional and education organizations.

Kathleen McLean maintains an active schedule as both a performer and educator. Explore the links above to read her biography as well as more information about her teaching positions, orchestral career, and chamber music experiences.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Bassoon Resource – Low Register Drill in All Minor Keys
    This exercise is an excellent way to develop rapid technique in the low register. I would suggest slurring everything. Slur everything and after you have fluidity in that approach then vary your articulations to add another layer of challenge. A 1 page PDF of Bassoon Low Register Drills
  • An artful portrait by Joel Washington
    Bloomington, Indiana artist Joel Washington has created an artful portrait of bassoonist Kathleen McLean. So, I walked into Laughing Planet one day and noticed Frank Zappa pictures on the wall. Colorful pop art and I was blown away. I looked at the signature on the paintings and I investigated and realized that Joel Washington lived in Bloomington. I approached Joel because … Continue reading “An artful portrait by Joel Washington”
  • Émile Naoumoff , Trois élégies1988
    Emile wrote this hauntingly beautiful & expressive piece. It’s full of gorgeous soaring melodies for the bassoon. About Émile Naoumoff Émile Naoumoff (Bulgarian: Емил Наумов; born 20 February 1962 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian pianist and composer. He revealed himself a musical prodigy at age five, taking up the study of piano and adding composition to his studies a … Continue reading “Émile Naoumoff , Trois élégies1988”
  • Iván Erőd, Sonate Milanese, op 47-1984
    This is an enchanting work, particularly the 2nd movement. It’s a challenging piece technically to play and one of our gems in our repertoire. 1.Allegro Molto, 2.Andante Tranquillo, 3.Lento Molto Giusto-Presto Performed in Auerhall, 2016/10/8 Angela Park Piano, Kathleen McLean Bassoon. About Iván Erőd Iván Erőd was a Hungarian-Austrian composer and pianist. Educated in Budapest, he emigrated to Austria in … Continue reading “Iván Erőd, Sonate Milanese, op 47-1984”