Upcoming Performance – Master Classes & Performance at Glickman/Popkin Bassoon Camp in North Carolina

The Glickman/Popkin Bassoon Camp is a ten-day summer camp for bassoonists 18 years of age and above, of any skill level.

I’m looking forward to participating again this year at the camp. Last year, because of Covid-19, everything unfortunately had to be cancelled. It could still be cancelled but we are assuming that things are good to go. It’s going to be an exciting summer filled with lots of ideas and exchanges with bassoonists all over the United States & Canada.

A Beautiful Environment Settled Among the Blue Ridge Mountains at the Wildacres Retreat

Because this camp is for all levels, it’s a really great environment with little pressure. There are beautiful views of the Blue Ridge mountains. Not only are there bassoon master classes but there are also reed making instruction classes and multiple performances every night with guest artists & large ensembles.

The camp is located at the Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC.

To learn more about the 2021 Glickman Popkin Bassoon Camp in North Carolina, please visit their Facebook page.