SHIMMY SHIMMY, Meijering McLean – February 2019 CDBaby Release

SHIMMY SHIMMY – Meijering McLean – CDBaby February 2019 Release

The 2nd of two electronic tracks featuring bassoonist Kathleen Mclean will be released by CDBaby this month. It’s a collection of interesting tracks that are a mixture of folk, rock, classical contemporary jazz. It’s an eclectic mix of electro pop.

For an interactive view of the upcoming cd, visit the CDBaby website.

2019 Tour with the International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico

After two weeks spent in Puerto Rico, The International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico (ICOPR) completed 8 concerts, several master classes, and reached out to many students, young children, and adults with disabilities.

The local community we visited appeared fascinated because they had never seen classical music instruments before. At rehearsal breaks the children would be paraded around the orchestra to look at our instruments. It was funny and it was almost as if we were, “animals in a zoo”. They were delighted and in many cases the students came up and touched the instruments. It was sweet!

We also had a chance to see the developments after Hurricane Maria. The people were so kind and warm. We heard stories of people without phone and electricity for seven months! Some people had to sleep in their cars at night. The only thing they had was a car and gas. No phone and no computer for that long! (Maybe that would be good?) The gift of music to the Puerto Rico community was really appreciated.

Throughout the weeks the principal players of the orchestra were giving master classes to the young aspiring musicians of Puerto Rico at each city we performed in.

On the odd off day, we visited beaches throughout the territory of Puerto Rico. There was a gorgeous surfing resort town called Rincón where we saw some super interesting waves. Some of us rented paddle boards, enjoyed the beach, and enjoyed the local dives. The visit inspired me to think I may want to move here for part of the year.

Here are some photos from the trip:

2019 National Youth Orchestra of Canada

The NYO Canada residency will begin on June 18th and will finish in mid-July. As in previous years, our Summer Institute will take place at Wilfrid Laurier University.


For more than fifty years, NYO Canada has enjoyed an iconic reputation as Canada’s orchestral finishing school, providing the most comprehensive and in-depth training program available to our country’s best young classical musicians.

Here’s a YouTube clip of last year’s performance:

Past Performance with Kathleen McLean, bassoon; Charlie Bo Meijering, piano Faculty/Guest Recital at Indiana University – October 8th, 2018

Brahms: Rhapsody in G Minor for piano solo, Op. 79 No. 2 (1879)
Chiel Meijering: Follow the whisper, Part 4. twists and turns 
       for bassoon and piano (2018, premiere)

Chiel Meijering: Humble Mumble (2012/18)*
Chiel Meijering: Winds of Change (1987/18)*
Prokofiev: Sonata No. 3 in A Minor for piano solo, Op. 28 (1907/17)
Chiel Meijering: Fading Memories (2015/18)*
Chiel Meijering: When the Soul Dies (2015/18)*
Gershwin: Three Preludes for piano solo (1926)*

*Premiere of revised version for bassoon and piano

Listen to recordings from this performance:

Chiel Meijering: Follow the whisper, Part 4. twists and turns 
       for bassoon and piano (2018, premiere)

Chiel Meijering: Humble Mumble (2012/18)*

Chiel Meijering: Winds of Change (1987/18)*

2019 Tour with the International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico

This performance has now been moved to the Past Performances. Please see the blog post about this trip:

January 28th 2019 – February 10th, 2019

International Artists Converging in the Caribbean

An Annual Two Week Festival
Promoting Peace, Unity, and Brotherhood Among Nations

Visit the International Chamber Orchestra OF PUERTO RICO website for more info
International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico Logo

Rehearsing with Joseph Petric, concert accordionist for upcoming premiere performance

While in Toronto last week, Joseph and I rehearsed together for the first time for an upcoming  premiere concert in Auer Hall on March 31 for a piece written by Chiel Meijering scored for bassoon, clarinet, accordion and string orchestra titled “Tribulations of Modern Love” James Campbell, clarinet IU faculty member will join us as well as strings from the Jacobs School of Music with David Jang, conducting. Composer, Chiel Meijering will attend the premiere.

Bassoon Day 2018: Faculty/Guest/Student Recital
Bassoon Day 2018: Faculty/Guest/Student Recital
James Campbell, clarinet; William Ludwig, bassoon; Kathleen McLean, bassoon; Chiel Meijering, composer; Joseph Petric, accordion; Bram van Sambeek, bassoon


Rigoletto Performance at Four Seasons Center for the Performing Arts

It was great and rather exciting to be back in Toronto to play acting principal bassoon.  I played one performance of Rigoletto with no rehearsal and it was a blast from the past as I was a member of the Canadian Opera Company from 1989-93.  It is nice to work with old friends and hear the orchestra as I sat in the middle of the pit.  It is always a nostalgic feeling to return to orchestra life for a brief moment in time.

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Rigoletto Canadian Opera Company Toronto

Read about Rigoletto Performance at Four Seasons Center for the Performing Arts

February 21st, 2018 @ 7:30pm
Four Seasons Centre

On stage at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, 145 Queen St. W., Toronto.

When Rigoletto’s only joy, his daughter Gilda, is seduced by his amoral employer, anger and passion drive him to murder. But Gilda, blinded by a powerful and innocent love, places herself in the path of her father’s revenge, with heartrending consequences.